Mike Macmorran, Winemaker

Mike began his career at Mark Ryan Winery in June of 2008 as Assistant Winemaker, and officially ditched the title of ‘assistant’ and became the winery’s head Winemaker one year later in 2009.

A native of New Zealand, Mike came to the U.S. in 1995 and attended medical school from 2003, through 2005.  Deciding to pursue his passion for wine, he took a break from med-school and was hired as harvest intern at Delille Cellars for the 2005 vintage and was promoted to Cellar Master and eventually Assistant Winemaker.

After developing a friendship with Mark McNeilly, the two realized their like-minded attitudes about Washington State winemaking would make for outstanding partnership.
As Winemaker, Mike has brought a fastidious attention to detail to the process, sharpening the winery’s barrel and yeast selection, using his biology and chemistry skill-set to improve upon Mark’s impressive foundation.

In what has become a consistently collaborative process, Mark and Mike work together to craft outstanding wines in the artisan tradition.